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This vacuum is great for reaching small areas in my car that were just HASSLE to try to hit with my home vacuum. I especially like light at the end of the vacuum that helps with targeting things under the seats – it saves a lot of time if you used your house like me and just continued to vacuum up to some random time.

Now between the seats and the door / center console and under the seats it’s much easier, and since the vacuum can be charged, I do not need to insert an electrical cord through the apartment window. The vacuum holds the charge for about 30 minutes, which is long enough to clear the entire 4-door hatchback.


Honestly, I hesitated in waving a little rain, just to clean my car – but the ease with which I can now quickly complete this job, and that this vacuum is not expensive, ALL make me happy with this Christmas gift myself!

I spend a lot of time traveling with Welikera, my car looks like my second home and quickly accumulates dirt and food crumbs, so a wireless vacuum is needed. I decided to buy this portable wireless vacuum, because I really had to try it out of the hands of the client whose house I was decorating.

She actually used it on her couch and I noticed that the suction pulled up the couch material when she used it, so I asked her about it, and she gave me the information for the order. Cordless vacuum has a very nice design and comes with several devices that help clean almost any place. A long flexible hose with fastening is an excellent accessory for cleaning hard-to-reach places and overhead. I like the fact that I can suck almost anything small, but it’s crumbs, dirt, animal hair or liquid spills that sucks it.

I think that these vacuum fluids are my favorite thing in this vacuum. If you are cleaning up liquids, make sure that you clean and dry it again before using it for dry pick-ups, or it will be dirty and pasty, as if from mud, soaked. Great for quick cleaning in your home or car. Another great thing that I like about it is the built-in LED that lets you see where you clean and make it easier to use at night, namely when I mostly use it.

The LED is super bright and provides the required amount of light. It takes about three to four hours for a fully charged battery and lasts exactly 20 minutes. If I could change something in this vacuum, it would be a charge retention time of 20 minutes to 30 minutes, because usually this is the time during which I need it.


The positive side of cordless vacuum is that it has a battery level indicator that tells you when the vacuum is fully charged and the battery life during use, so you do not have to wonder if it’s dead or how it is charged, I’ve been using it for just over two months, and I have not had any problems with that. I use it at least 3 times a week, either in my car or at home, and my youngest son literally uses it every day.

He actually thinks it’s fun to use, and I’ll catch him if he wants to use chips, cereals or something like that. So I guess that it can also be a good way to get your children to help clean up the house or car.lol. In addition, it comes with a carry bag, so you can keep the vacuum and nozzles together for easy carrying and small enough to put under your seat in the car or restroom, do not take up much space.

This is an excellent job of cleaning small areas and spots, powerful suction, rechargeable, comes with all the accessories that you need to clean the cracks and slots and are relatively inexpensive.

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