Remove Pet Hair From Your Home

Get pet hair off and out of your home

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For each owner of a fluffy pet, a four-fingered pet is a full member of the family. We can not imagine life without their mischievous tricks, affectionate purring, friendly tail wagging, a devoted look, a wet nose and a fluffy warm fur that gently tickles the hand that irones it.

But it is a beautiful fur coat of a fluffy friend, whether it is short-haired or long-haired, gives you a lot of trouble: individual hairs or even whole shreds – roll the field of wool on the upholstery of upholstered furniture, cushions, carpets, clothes. And remove the pet’s pet is not so simple, because it is kept on the surface not only mechanically, but also due to static electricity.

In this article we will tell you about some tricks of cleaning, as well as about devices that are better than others coping with the removal of this scourge.

We put the furniture in order

Remove Pet Hair From Your Home

As previously mentioned, animal hair contains an electric charge, due to which it sticks to many surfaces. To remove the hairs from the wooden furniture, take a cotton rag or napkin, spray on it with an aerosol to clean the dust or antistatic. These tools neutralize the electric charge, making wool much easier to remove from the surface.

To remove pesky hairs from textile upholstery furniture, mattresses, pillows, bedspreads, put on household rubber gloves and moisten them with water. Then just spend your hands in gloves on the places of localization of wool – all the hair will stick to the rubber. Now wash off the hairs adhering to the gloves with water. If necessary, repeat the procedure.

To speed up the process of harvesting furniture from your pet’s fur, you can resort to a powerful vacuum cleaner with the Karcher DS aquafilter (these vacuum cleaners are favorite models of pet owners), equipped with a turbo brush for upholstered furniture. Inside the turbo nozzle is a cylindrical brush, which rotates, carefully combs the wool from the textile upholstery, then falls into the aqua-box of the vacuum cleaner. It is easy to clean such a filter – just pour out dirty water, collected all the dust, dirt, rubbish and wool and rinse it with water.

We remove floors: carpets and hard floor coverings

Surely your pet has a favorite place on the carpet, where he most often lies. Place a special litter on it, the main part of the wool will remain on it.

Typically, the coat of long-haired animals is removed much easier than the short-haired. Short thin hairs are driven deeper into the pile of the carpet, making it harder to clean.

No matter how trite it may sound, the most important way to clean carpets from wool is timely periodic cleaning with a vacuum cleaner – it’s much easier to remove hairs that are not worn into the carpet.

For maintenance cleaning of wool, the electric Karcher is very suitable. His rapidly rotating cylindrical brush combs the pile of the carpet, removes the individual hairs of the wool and its shreds.

The undoubted advantage of such a device is the special design of its brush:

  1. It is very simply removed from the electroplating wire;
  2. The brush is equipped with a special mesh metal cylinder, which is removed along with the wound hair and hair, and there is no need to invent clever ways to clean the brush (minimal contact with this “hairy mass”).

For sure, many owners of furry pets, in particular dogs, faced the problem of an unpleasant smell of wool after vacuuming (vacuum cleaners with a filter bag). The fact is that the wool clogs the filter, the apparatus, trying to maintain the suction force as high as possible, sucks in air despite this “hairy barrier”, warm air heals the wool that clogged the filter, and hormones and other substances begin to evaporate from it (from which an unpleasant smell).

Therefore, the “petitioned” owners of pets “switch” to the use of vacuum cleaners with an aquafilter Karcher DS. In these models, all collected garbage is accumulated in the aquafilter, from which, after cleaning, the dirty water simply pours out (the contents of the tank after cleaning looks really frightening). In addition, thanks to a 4-stage filtration system (air passes through 4 filters!)

The atmosphere in the house is really favorable – 99.9% removal of the smallest allergenic particles from the air (pollen, dust, fungal spores, microbes). And as a pleasant addition – in your discretion in the house after harvesting – may be the freshness of alpine meadows on a sunny May day or the fragrances of ripening fruit in the citrus garden on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea (defoamers that are added to the aquafox to prevent wetting of a flat pleated filter are produced 3 different light fragrances and 1 neutral).


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